10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia is a large country, and even town of Jakarta itself is larger than Singapore. With an endless growth of recent Western influenced restaurants, it are often easy to forget about the street hawker food that almost all Indonesian locals actually frequent. This guide serves to provide an authentic guide what foods to eat Jakarta that you’ll notice at the road side, small outlets and even in restaurants or food courts.

Indonesia cookery, because of it’s strategic trading geographic, also sees influences from China, India and European countries that become even more distinct close to the coastal cities. Hainanese origin of the many dishes is also prevailing from the influx of Chinese in the past.

Many of the foods in Indonesia|national capital} town are brought in from varied elements of Indonesia and been custom-made to the region. For the sake of simplicity, i’ll solely be light common foods which will be found here, even if there’s AN endless variation if you simply venture out of Jakarta.

10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

1. Pisang Goreng Sambal Roa (Fried Banana with Chili)

Pisang Goreng could be a deep cooked batter fritter and in Indonesia , is accompanied with Sambal chili. The banana utilized in Jakarta isn’t excessively ripe and sweet in contrast to Singapore, still holding a starchy firm body. The sambal roa is created with fish and adds extreme spicy kick. Comes with fritters still for value-added crunch and could be a common snack for several locals.

Recommended Stall:
Mr Banana Pisang Goreng Pontianak Uya Kuya: Jembatan ITC Mall Ambassador No. 8, Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio, Kuningan

2. Gorengan (Fried Foods)

Gorengan virtually suggests that ‘fried things’, that is what this common push cart (geropak) sells. All styles of ingredients ar deep cooked and sold , as well as yam, pineapple, Tempeh (fermented soy beans), tofu, spring rolls and plenty of others. little doubt unhealthy and a precursor for a heart failure because the oil is re-fried an unknown variety of times. Reused oil perpetually looks to style higher.

The gorengan vendors by the road ar life-savers, providing fast snacks for native motorists UN agency are additional usually then not stuck within the ill-famed Jakarta traffic jams which will last hours. These ubiquitious carts are unfold across several roads in Jakarta and it’s onerous to miss.

Recommended Stall:
Aneka Gorengan: Pasaraya Grande, Lantai Lower Ground, Dapuraya, Jl. Iskandarsyah II, Melawai, Jakarta

10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

3. Otak-Otak (Brain-Brain Fish Cake)

Otak-Otak is common in Dutch East Indies, Malaya and Singapore however in fact with their variations. I realize the Indonesian version to dissent the foremost from the opposite regions, being principally pale whitish in color with solely very little or no chili at intervals the fish paste combine itself. The Jakarta otak fish paste is generally created with ikan tenggiri (wahoo fish), coconut milk, lemongrass and spices, and is grilled or steamed in banana leaf like different variations of otak for value-added fragrance.

Otak virtually suggests that ‘brain’, that may be derived from the thought that this dish feels like a soft, spongy fish brain.

The Jakarta version but conjointly sees the utilization of spicy peanut sauce that the otak-otak is swayback in. you’ll conjointly realize otak-otak stalls setup on the road or close to bus stops that cater to passerbys.

Recommended Stall:
Otak-Otak Sangaji: Jl A.M. Sangaji, Petojo, Jakarta, Indonesia

4. Bakpao (Meat Bun)

Bakpao is adopted from the Hokkien name 肉包, which accurately suggests that meat dumpling or breadstuff. Originally of Chinese origin from the numerous Hokkiens living inIndonesia, Bakpao’s initial direction used pork meat, whereas several Indonesians have custom-made the Bakpao to be stuffed with different Muslim friendly ingredients like Chicken or vegetables.

The skin is created with dough and when being stuffed, is left to expand from being steamed.

Recommended Stall:
Bakpao Lombobattang: Jl. avenue Raya PD9 No. 11, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesi

10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

5. Ketoprak Jakarta

Ketoprak is another typical street food in Jakarta however has conjointly unfold across Java with its quality. The eater Ketoprak consists of curd, lontong (compressed rice cake), beehoon, boiled egg, bean sprouts and cabbage, doused in peanut sauce and flat-top with cooked shallots and kerupuk (deep-fried seasoned rice crackers).

You may conjointly request for the amount of spiciness you need in every individual Ketoprak in most places, with a selection of delicate, medium or burn your tongue off.

Recommended Stall:
Ketoprak Ciragil: JL. Cikatomas, II/24, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12180, Indonesia

6. Kerak Telor (Spicy Omelette)

Kerak Telor is created from glutinious rice cooked with duck egg, and flat-top with sliced coconut, cooked shallots and dried shrimp. Duck egg is taken into account to be additional flavorous over chicken eggs, that I actually have to agree.

A Betawi ancient snack, Kerak Telor vendors ar most distinguished throughout the annual Jakarta honest and thought of a preferred selection for guests. within the past, Kerak Telor was conjointly thought-about to be food for the rich and served throughout parties.

Recommended Stall:
There are a few street vendors around Fatahillah Square: previous Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia

10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

7. Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck)

Bebek Goreng are often found in several street stalls still as adorer restaurants and is typically sold with rice. owing to this, Bebek Goreng is typically conjointly sold as ‘Nasi bebek’ or duck rice. This dish is historically devoured with the hands solely to essentially reach each nook and cranny of the duck. there’s conjointly a cooked chicken version referred to as Ayam goreng.

The duck is typically marinated with a range of spices like galangal ginger, lemongrass, bay leaves and cumin, then cooked in an exceedingly pan with many oil until its crisp brown.

Recommended stalls:
Bebek Goreng Pak Joko Putra (food cart): Jl. Petogogan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Bebek Bengil: The Ubud Building, Jalan H. Agus Taurus No.132, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

8. Martabak mammal genus (Sweet stuffed pancake)

Martabak could be a soft stuffed flannel-cake and also the filling immensely varies from country to country. In Dutch East Indies, Martabak mammal genus could be a common street afters version that sees all styles of sweet ingredients at intervals like milk, cheese and even nutella and toblerone chocolate. The savoury, egg version conjointly found in Dutch East Indies is additional normally referred to as Martabak Malabar for locals to tell apart from the afters variant.

The Martabak in Singapore isn’t stuffed and utterly completely different from the Indonesian variety- The Ban Jian Kueh in Singapore looks to additional closely check Jakarta’s Martabak mammal genus instead.

Recommended stall:
Martabak Boss: Jl. Yusuf Adiwinata No. 33,Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia

10 Must Eat Local Foods of Jakarta, Indonesia

9. Durian flannel-cake

Probably originating from metropolis wherever there’s an abundance of durian merchants, Durian pancakes have unfold across Indonesia, merely created with flour and durian cream puree, the foremost common presentation is that the square stuffed flannel-cake though a agent crepe-like version is additionally common.

The skin is typically seasoned with Pandan leaves for that inexperienced hue, or maybe strawberry and chocolate.

Recommended Stall:
Ulliko Duren: Grand Dutch East Indies Mall, Lantai Lower Ground, West Mall, Food Hall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta

10. Roti Bakar (Grilled Bread)

Roti Bakar could be a thick toast that a lot of Indonesians eat for breakfast or afters. Street vendors mercantilism Roti Bakar or ‘Ropita’ stalls usually provide a range of toppings as well as strawberry, banana cheese, pineapple and chocolates. Chocolate and cheese Roti Bakar seems to be the foremost common selection among locals although, with a mix of melting sliced cheese and chocolate additional sugary with milk drizzled everywhere the toast.

Taking the already sweet Roti Bakar to subsequent level, some stalls have the choice to show it into an Es Roti Bakar’ by adding scoops of frozen dessert on high of your diabetic treat. Stand by the internal secretion shot after you do that.

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