10 Reasons Why to Celebrate Dashain festival

Dashain is the biggest festival celebration of each family of Nepal. there’s a big history behind the celebration of Dashain. in a nutshell, the great beat the evil and therefore the celebration results from the victory. it’s been years and years now and Dashain has continuously brought joy and happiness whenever to every and each households of Nepal. Dashain is celebrated by every. the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain is celebrated by almost every Nepali staying in every and each corner of the globe. The festival is most popular among the Hindus. It’s still celebrated equally by everybody. There are plenty of things that we could do in Dashain. the ten best reasons to celebrate Dashain are:


1) The family gets together:

The biggest and the main reason to celebrate Dashain is to have quality time with our family. throughout the fifteen days long festival of Dashain, from the govt to all public and personal sector, all of them stay closed. thus everybody gets time to spend the time with their family and celebrate the Dashain jubilantly with filled with joy. The fifteen days long pageant has completely different special occasions throughout the period of time, thus all of the family may gather and celebrate day by day and each single little bit of their moment with filled with cheers and happiness. What’s higher and additional satisfying than spending a quality time together with your family? Not only a day but for a couple of weeks. And remember. Dashain always brings smiles to every and each face of Nepalese.

2) Flying kites:

Did you ever fly a kite? Well if not then you must and if you’ve got then an enormous high 5 to you because we are on a similar page, we know the fun. one among the simplest and the most fun reason to celebrate Dashain is to fly kites. Dashain, the only time in a year when the sky is covered with the colourful kites. you’ll see kited everywhere within the sky during the period of time of the festival.The struggle to cut off the other’s kite is where the actual fun lies and after an excellent struggle than when you finally bring to an end their kite once your hard struggle. Nothing would be more satisfying than that. so flying kites is one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.


3) Visiting relatives.

During the festival of Dashain, we get to go to our relatives and by relatives I mean every and each relatives that you have that is one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain. after the tenth day during the fifteen days long festival, the remaining five days are celebrated by visiting relatives where we go to have tika and jamara and get blessings of our elders. along with tikka and jamara, we also get to have delicious food and ‘dakshina’ of course. we go to every and each relatives within the remaining five days to celebrate Dashain with them. Visiting relatives is one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

4) Tika and jamara

Tika and jamara are one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain. it’s been one among the traditions during this festive season. Some even say Dashain is all about putting tika and jamara and get blessings from our elders. The tradition of putting tika and jamara starts from the tenth day. after the tenth day, we celebrate Dashain by visiting our relatives to put tika and Jama and get the blessings of our elders. And don’t forget ‘dakshinna’. Dakshina is the main reason that keeps visiting relatives for tika and jamara more fascinating.


5) Food.

Food may be one the reason to celebrate Dashain. Dashain is the time when you get to eat plenty of delicious food together with you family. apart from spending quality time with your family and friends, you also get to eat plenty of foods also. You get to eat plenty of nonveg and veg things, ‘khasi ko masu’ is one among the favored things during this festive season. Also, you get to visit all of your relatives wherever you’ll have dinner with all of your relatives and you family. Hence, food may be one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

6) Worshiping vehicles and motorbikes.

One of the other reason to celebrate Dashain is to worship vehicles and motorbikes. The ninth day of Dashain, Maha Navami is the day when we worship all of our vehicles and motorbikes, because it is believed that worshiping vehicles and motorbikes during this day will save us from getting into accidents while we riding it. thus throughout the day of Maha Navami, everybody worships their vehicles and bikes. Some even sacrifice animals and spread their blood on the vehicles as a part of their worship. This belief has got all Nepalese to worship their vehicles on this day. Therefore, it’s one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

7) Playing cards.

Dashain is the time when we will see everybody enjoying cards. we will see a bunch of individuals in each corner of each community enjoying cards. The families and relatives gather along, makes a group and starts enjoying cards. it’s been more like a tradition in this season. One suddenly remembers enjoying cards, if asked about Dashain. enjoying cards are one among the important factors that make the festival even more fascinating. From friends to every and each member of the family, everybody plays the cards and that they relish equally of it.So we can conclude that enjoying cards are one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

8) Dakshina.

Dakshina may be one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain. From youngsters to the adults and seniors, everybody expects to get Dakshina whereas going for tika and jamara to relatives. nonetheless, if you ask any children or even youths about Dashain, they’ll mention you about Dakshina, that’s for sure. In fact, the question ‘ how much Dakshina did you get?’ is very common. Ever wonder why are children such a lot excited for tika and jamara? And if you’re still wondering then now you know, they get excited for Dakshina;(the main reason).So Dakshina may be one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.


9) Culture and Tradition.

People here are celebrating Dashain for years and years now. Dashain has been one among our culture and tradition. Why wouldn’t we make it one when it’s always brought happiness and joy to each Nepalese? Dashain has always brought smiles to the faces of each Nepali. It a festival of joy, a celebration of happiness. it’s been one among our culture, one in all our traditions to celebrate Dashain every year. thus culture and tradition may be one among the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

10) Dashain:- the most important festival of Nepal itself.

Dashain also Bijaya Dashami, being the most important and most anticipated festival of Nepal, itself may be a reason to celebrate this festival. people wait a full year every year to celebrate this massive festive occasion. Dashain is that the longest festival of Nepal that lasts for fifteen days wherever all of our families close to celebrate and share this auspicious occasion.Of course, the most important and longest festival of Nepal has several reasons to be celebrated and there are a number of the best reasons to celebrate Dashain.

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