5 Places in Nepal where only Women are allowed

Places in Nepal wherever Men Can’t Go: – Nepal could be a country wherever gender remains a problem that desires to handle since it involves the segregation of male and female inside the social setting. Socially, men and ladies are treated really and it’s been happening for ages. Therefore, there stay places and things that welcome one gender however reject the opposite. So, in few cases, it’s ancient even to possess lily-white places for men and ladies.

Places that welcome men might or might not welcome ladies, additionally there are places wherever girls can go and men cannot. Given below are few of the places wherever alone ladies are allowed to travel however men don’t appear to be allowed. variety of these points are cultural, some historical and a few relating to mere social stigma. it’s not against the law to travel to those places or participate in these occasions for men. however it’s been a custom that has been occurring for many years most in order that it’s become an unspoken law itself. Men don’t wish to participate or head to these places while ladies don’t even expect men to be in these places or occasions.

Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony

1. Nunnery – Places in Nepal where Men Can’t Go

Nunnery is a monastery that’s meant for the nuns. These nuns live and pray in these nunneries according to their religion. when it comes to Buddhism, there are nunneries and similar places are there for Hindus and Christians additionally. this can be a place where meeting with men and having any quite proximity is strictly tabu. These ladies live here renouncing each worldly issue and promise to remain unmarried all their lives being of service solely to the God they believe. In these places, men cannot visit within the buildings and can’t move with these nuns. So, visitation by men is strictly prohibited in such places. This makes it a place where men aren’t allowed inside the proximity.

Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony

2. Taking part in rituals before Bratabandha – Places in Nepal where Men Can’t Go

Among the higher castes of Hindus in Nepal, that’s Brahmins and Kshatriyas, Bratabandha is that the coming back of age ritual after which, boys grow up to be the men. only after this can they take part in any kind of rituals as a priest or as a Brahmin. So, before this age, men are prohibited from taking part in any kind of rituals like doing the last rites of their parents, performing arts pujas or tieing the holy thread in Janai Purnima. In these cases, men are prohibited. The Bratabandha that usually happens during the adolescence ages of boys, is after they come of age and become able to participate in each ritual.

Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony

3. Teej Celebrations – Places in Nepal where Men Can’t Go

Teej is a festival that’s meant for girls. in the day of Teej and before it, there’s a ritual of eating good food, dancing. throughout now, ladies United Nations agency are married go to their parent’s home and revel in. In such celebrations, men aren’t allowed to require half in it. Men haven’t any work or roles to perform in such celebrations.

Also, throughout the day of Teej, it’s women who do all the puja and quick for an entire day while not even water for the well being of their husbands. This ritual is also just for ladies. Men aren’t allowed to take part in it and haven’t any roles to play. therefore this celebration is exclusive for ladies where men aren’t expected to take part in it anyway.

Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony

4. Rishi Panchami Rituals – Places in Nepal where ladies are Allowed to go

The day after Teej is that the Rishi Panchami Day once all the ladies close to perform puja, fast and lots of different sorts of rituals. On this day, ladies get up very early in the morning and perform rituals. These rituals are imagined to be exclusive to girls. Men cannot participate in it. Neither will they be any a part of this. therefore it’s an exclusive ritual for ladies only. There are several customs that ladies need to follow on this day that’s only to be observed by women. Men haven’t any purpose in such places.

Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony

5. Ratyeuli throughout bridal ceremony – Places in Nepal wherever solely ladies are Allowed to travel

Rayeuli could be a celebration once ladies within the family close once the son in their family is obtaining married. throughout the day of wedding, once the groom and every one the men in the family are gone to perform the wedding rituals and to get the lady, women in the family get together and sing songs dance and having fun. it’s a fun time where only ladies will participate. Men aren’t allowed to be there. Men haven’t any part to play in the Ratyeuli ceremony.

These are the places where men don’t seem to be allowed and girls are only allowed to travel or participate in. Few places are so because of the cultural and spiritual importance while some are so because of the customs and rituals that have segregated the gender and the participation of them in such occasions.Men and ladies have completely status among the society and one is different than other. So, in few cases, it’s ancient even to possess segregated places for men and ladies. Places that welcome men might or might not welcome ladies, additionally there are places where women can go and men cannot. a number of these points are cultural, some historical and a few regarding mere social stigma.
These places don’t impose such segregation within the level of the law. there’s no fine or something or any legal actions taken if a person goes to those places. But, it’s solely a matter of customs. Since such customs are occurring for many years, it’s become a habit among all the individuals. that’s why everybody needs to abide by the principles and not build any changes in it. Failing to watch these rules will decide the social standing of an individual.

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