Bali, Land of the Gods

Bali is also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural great thing about luxurious terraced rice fields and looming volcanoes that exude peace and serenity. Bali enchants with its dramatic dances and colourful ceremonies, its arts and crafts, to its luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. And all over you may find intricately carved temples.


There are thousands of gift outlets in Bali. From Denpasar to Ubed , you will find several things you would like to bring back home. Most of the marked hotels are located near the beach. Otherwise, they usually have their own private spots at certain beaches. you’ll notice them simply at common spots like Kuta or Sanur. If you’re thinking of bringing home souvenirs, your best bet is the souvenir market at Sukowati, wherever you’ll be overwhelmed by selection.

Kuta has a massive variety of boutiques and outlets, selling everything from bright T-shirts, surf- wear, flip-flops to inventive trinkets. If you wish to buy dried food stuffs, Bali coffee is most aromatic. you’ll also need to buy aromatherapy essential oils to sprinkle your bath with.

As Bali is found eight degrees south of the equator, therefore the weather you’ll notice is tropical, heat and wet climate all year around with 2 main distinctive seasons: season and rainy season. Quite different with the areas around Bali’s central mountains (volcanoes) that have many peaks over three,000 metres in elevation. up here the temperatures are considerably cooler, and there’s far more rainfall than within the coastal areas.

Bali: Land of the Gods

Bali’s white beaches are favorite for family holidays. There are variety of watersports available, such as banana boats, gliding or jet skiing, swimming or plain sunbathing. Most well known among Bali’s beaches is Kuta. on this stretch are an array of hotels, restaurants, outlets and cafes. within the evenings the area throbs to the beat of disco music. For a quieter evening enjoy the beach at Jimbaran, a popular spot to eat fresh grilled food within the evenings. Sanur Beach conjointly dotted with hotels and restaurants. you’ll conjointly visit Nusa Dua, wherever more private beaches front super deluxe hotels.

Surfers love the waves at Nusa Lembongan near Nusa Penida. These islands are a forty five minutes boat trip from Nusa Dua or from Sanur. At Nusa Penida’s south western coast are the Manta point and the Malibu point where divers will swim with Travally, massive rays and even sharks. the simplest dive spots are at Menjangan with its reef flat, anchor wreck, eel garden and caves to explore. near and still within the Bali Barat Park is Pemutaran island.

Bali offers 1st class adrenaline pumping white water rafting down the spectacular Ayung stream by Ubud. Here you’ll also go bungy-jumping from a cliff down to almost touch the river. If you enjoy cycling, Ubud and its surrounding is a fantastic city to bike around. There are also good cycling paths at Uluwatu within the south.

Bali: Land of the Gods

Mountain climbers might want to climb up Gunung Agung. Begin your ascent from behind the temple or through the village of Sebudi. However, make certain to ask permission 1st from the temple authorities, as Balinese faith prescribes that nobody might stand higher than the sacred temple especially when ceremonies are being held.

The Kecak dance is staged most dramatically within the open air by Pura Tanah lot with as backdrop, the sun slowly lowering within the ocean over the horizon beyond this beautiful temple. The Kecak dance tells the story of Ramayana whereby prince Rama’s spouse, Sita, is kidnapped by the ogre Rahwana.

Get Around

There are several modes of transport to help you get around in Bali. a range of excellent half day, full day and overnight tour packages are offered from your hotel desk or any of the numerous travel agents and tour operators that abound in Bali. you’ll also notice a car and driver who also will act as your guide. Tell the driving force your desired route and negociate a fee.

Bali: Land of the Gods

An important virtue to possess while on the road in Bali is patience! although the road system within the heavily inhabited areas is quite affordable (condition wise) as compared to different developing countries, it can be heavily congested at peak periods. Ceremonial processions often take up the entire road so if you’re caught behind a procession, enjoy the colourful experience.

Get There

With increasing variety of direct flights from several parts of the globe, getting to Bali is easy. Flights from Jakarta to Bali take about 1.5 hrs, from Singapore and Perth around 2.5-3 hrs, from Hong Kong concerning 4.5 hrs, and from Sydney/Melbourne about 5.5-6 hrs on several national and international carriers.

Another means to reach the island is by ferry from Banyuwangi, located at the foremost eastern tip of East Java. It takes 30-45 minutes crossing from Banyuwangi to Ketapang on Bali. From Bali, you’ll also continue further by ferry to the island of Lombok, in West nusa tenggara. Take the ferry at Padang Bay with transit at Lembar seaport for a total of four hrs journey.

Bali: Land of the Gods

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