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Thanks for stopping by to seek out a lot of about me.I am G.S. Khokhar.I started my travel blog, in 2010 I’m a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger who travels the planet and shares my experiences and travel experience via social media and through my videos.I have an associate degree huge love for the outside and photography, therefore I created the location as some way to try and document my adventures and encourage others to do a similar. it’s not solely vital to ME to measure my easiest life, however, it’s additionally vital to be ready to share what I actually have learned therefore others will probably live theirs. I hope in how you may be impressed to make your dream life, by picturing your ideal future and so taking the steps necessary to travel out there and find it.if you’ve ever wished to go to all those places you see within the movies and proceed adventures in far flung countries, however, don’t savvy I will show you. I do know what it prefers to expertise serious itchy feet and has that craving feeling within you. for several individuals, travel may be a part of USA. a district that we tend to can’t be forgoing of, that we tend to don’t wish to forgoing of and every one we are able to do is fulfill our travel dreams.I browse books across several genres in each fiction and non-fiction. I relish reading biographies, particularly autobiographies and generally business biographies are fascinating too. Travel books offer me numerous angles from that I will see a similar place, and tell ME new ways that to explore the planet. i feel that travel doesn’t simply take you to places; it makes you a stronger person. It broadens your perspective on life. Traveling may be a liberating associate degreed an enriching expertise that sets you free and causes you to understand the value of these very little things that we tend to ignore most of the time.Traveling to the remote corners, meeting new individuals, sampling native delicacies, exploring totally different cultures and lifestyle has become my passion. I feel that each place has its distinctive mystical character and a few awe-inspiring stories that are unknown and unheard.I simply love grouping fascinating and fascinating stuff discrepant places of the world.I want to spread a message to each people by my fondness of traveling.I dedicate this web log and supply my sincere due to my Family (Lovely mother and my father and a pretty wife, my very little super hero), Relatives, Friends, Uncle for their never ending love, care, affection, and support. Of course, they sacrifice their time with me and permits me to help me grow.