Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

Deepawali, Tihar, also popularly known as the festival of Lights is one in all the most important festivals that’s celebrated by south Asian nations like Nepal, India, Bangladesh as well as others. it’s a 5-day long festival celebrated with countless enthusiasm and happiness. almost all offices and colleges get closed throughout this festival making them free from work, study and other obligations. it’s the time of just Fun and nothing more.

One thing that strikes the mind of everybody when we say about having fun is FOOD. Well, Tihar is the solely festival that is celebrated for five days and every day has its own importance. Food is something that makes these days even more vital and fun. getting to cook delicious foods and sharing it with family definitely makes this festival the best festival of all time.

Given below are few of the items and its recipes that we eat during Tihar.

Such items are a lot of common in Nepali house during this 5-day long festival of Lights; Tihar or Deepawali.

Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

1. Phini Roti

Yet another delicious dish without which Tihar is incomplete is Phini Roti. making ready this roti takes alittle bit of time, however, the smile it brings to everyone’s face is worth it. enjoy making phini as much as eating it. The recipe for making Phini Roti is as below.


Fine Rice Flour
Sugar as per taste
Oil for deep frying

Direction for Preparation:

To prepare phini roti, 1st of all, make a dough by mix rice flour and pure ghee and blend it well till you’ve got a smooth buttery texture. Now, slowly and gently add water into the mixture. mix it well till the dough doesn’t stick within the hand. Take a humid cloth and cover it and put it aside for couple of minutes.

After couple of minutes, divide the dough into 4-5 equal elements. using rolling pin, flatten the dough into rectangular form. Flatten every dough and using the knife, make 3 equally spaced slits on the dough.

Once the rotis are made, heat oil in a pan for each phini to deep fry. every phinis should be fried for almost five minutes till it becomes crisp. Once these are ready, serve it with tea, meat or even pickles. This Tihar, don’t just eat phini, try making it and rejoice.

Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

2. Chini Roti

Tihar festival is all about celebrations and any celebration is incomplete while not food. the traditional method of celebrating Tihar is making and consumption different types of rotis. Among different varieties, sel roti is that the most significant one. After that, if there’s the other that’s much necessary, it’s chini roti. it’s sweet and goes absolutely with homemade pickle or even with meat things. Below is the recipe for making this delicious sweet dish, Chini roti.


Rice(soaked minimum six hrs)
Sugar as per taste
Oil or ghee

Directions of preparation

To prepare this roti, 1st of all, mix the soaked till you get it sleek. Add very little water till the final dough is ready. however keep in mind that, the dough should be sort of a chapati however a bit coarse to touch.

Then make tiny balls of the dough and make a round shape of it by dabbing dough with hands applying a little bit of oil simply to prevent the dough from sticking to the hand or on the board or plastic. On the stove, in a pan, add oil for deep frying the roti. Since it’ll be deeply fried, add plenty of oil.

One by one place the roti in the oil and let it cook both sides for about five minutes

Once it’s golden brown, remove the roti from the oil and on to a paper towel to soak up extra oil. during this method, you’ll make the right Chini Roti that is a sweet dish and goes perfectly with homemade chutney. Serve it to your friends and relatives and have a good time.
Sweets for Tihar:

When we refer Tihar festival, the primary factor that comes to our mind is celebrations and food. Obviously, the celebration is incomplete without sweet dishes on the menu. So, on this festival type of sweets are ready at home and are served to the whole family. Mostly, individuals like shopping for sweets from market thinking it would be difficult to make sweets at home. But, with our recipe of sweets, you’ll easily prepare sweets at home too. Below is the recipe for famous and delicious sweet dishes that individuals eat Tihar festival.

Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

3. Gulab Jamun (Lal Mohan):

One of the classic sweet dishes that’s enjoyed in celebration meal of Tihar is Gulab Jamun. These are the berry sized balls that are dunked in sugar syrup. the easy recipe for making gulab jamun at home using powdered milk is as below.


powdered milk
Maida or flour
sodium bicarbonate
Rose water
Cardamom powder

Direction for preparation

To make Gulab Jamun, 1st of all, mix sugar, water, and crushed cardamom and boil it till it’s slightly sticky. Once it’s boiled for few minutes, add few drops of rose water and mix it well. Set it aside and keep it hot.

Mix the ingredients like soda, flour and milk power uniformly. Add ghee, yogurt, milk and flour mixture to it and blend properly. Prepare the dough by systematically kneading it. keep in mind that the dough should not be soggy and will hold the shape given to it.

Prepare tiny sized balls and fry it in ghee or oil till it becomes golden.

Finally, add all the deep-fried balls to the hot syrup and allow it for rest for almost three hours.


Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal
4. Kalakand:

Kalakand is one more famous Bengali Sweet that’s equally well-liked among Nepali individuals. This delicious dish will be easily ready at home using just a couple of ingredients. This Tihar, surprise your friends and family by serving them handmade Kalakand.


Condensed cream
Few pinch of cardamom and few drops of rose water.
nuts for garnishing

Direction for preparation

To prepare Kalakand, 1st of all, grease a plate or you will even use aluminium foil and keep it aside.

Pour milk into a pan and heat it u in low flame. Meanwhile, add paneer, milk, and cardamom powder to the pan. Stir it well consistently to prevent it from burning. Now, transfer it to a greased plate and spread it to half inch thickness. Refrigerate it for at least 2 hours and your Kalakand is ready to be served to your friends and family.

Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

5. Milk Peda:

Yet another traditional sweet that’s ready during Tihar or Deepawali in Nepal and South Asian nations is Peda. it’s created using Khoa and sugar and is the easiest sweet dish to prepare. Here are the ingredients and the method of getting ready Milk Peda


condensed milk
crumbled mewa or khoya
Cardamom powder
ghee or coconut oil
Few strands of soaked saffron

Direction for preparation

To prepare milk peda, 1st of all, get khoya and bring it to room temperature. Crumble it well and consistent. Add milk, and khoya ot a pan. mix it well and cook it on a medium flame for some time. Let it cook till it becomes thick and mass. Then, grease your hands and make balls out of the mixture of milk and khoya. And flatten them. Lastly, tuck pistachios within the center of every peda and refrigerate it. Serve it to your friends and family and enjoy the fantastic festival of Tihar or Deepawali.

Foods | Recipes That we eat Tihar festival of Nepal

6. Dal, bhat, and Masu

Last but not the least, one should have a dish in each Nepali family during Tihar festival is none other than dal, Bhat, and Masu. apart from having sweets and roti, a staple dish of Nepal is the must. However, since this is the big day, dal bhat is accompanied with various other side dishes like Chatney, aachar and meat things. sort of mutton including mutton curry, mutton bhutaan are prepared in this festival to celebrate it with a lot of fun and excitement.

The staple dish of Nepal, dal Bhat Tarkari and masu {is ready|is ready} in the normal way just the means it’s prepared normally. the only difference is that the staple dish is served with a variety of meat product.

The above-mentioned foods are just a few of the foods that are prepared during the Tihar festival. Tihar is all about having fun and celebrating and the celebration is incomplete without good food.

Tihar lasts for five days and during these days, all the offices and schools remain closed. the main focus is simply on being with the family and eating good food. Tihar is always fun to spend time. Since food is a binding thing that keeps the family together, share each other’s preferences and enjoy the time. it’s one of the auspicious occasions for all the Hindus when all the family stay together and enjoy the company while consumption good food, playing cards, getting to see new places and relaxing.

This five-day long festival is the time eating is one thing that is the highlight of the celebrations. unlike any other festivals, it doesn’t include fast or anything. there is no need to go any kind of fast. that is why Tihar is really about eating different types of food and having fun.

Tihar is just around the corner. If you’re up for celebrating it with lots of enthusiasm and fun, try making the above-mentioned recipe and surprise your friends and family.

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