Top 15 Places to go to In Himachal Pradesh

If you wish something and everything concerning snow, you’ll be galvanized by the means of the word Himachal. ‘The land of snows’, which means, is equal to offer you a plan of what to expect here. Himachal Pradesh is found within the western Himalaya Mountains. Enclosed by majestic mountains, out of that some still challenge grouping to overcome them; the wonder of the land is on the far side imagination. Simla, one in every of the foremost fascinating hill stations, is that the capital of the state. Given below are the highest fifteen places to go to in Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Kullu

Kullu in Himachal Pradesh is one in every of the foremost frequented holidaymaker destinations. Usually detected together with the name Manali, yet one more known holidaymaker spot, Kullu is located on the banks of Beas stream. It had been earlier known as Kulanthpitha, which means ‘The finish of the inhabitable world’. Awesome, right? Kullu is additionally referred to as the ‘Valley of Gods’.

  1. Manali

Located at AN altitude of 6726 feet, Manali offers splendid views of the Cover Mountains. The land isn’t simply a feast to your visual senses; it conjointly offers you the prospect to determine your fitness level with the sporting facilities here.

  1. Shimla

The captivating fantastic thing about Shimla created British declares the land as their summer capital. The colonial influence continues to be evident within the town. Capitol Hill station offers spectacular views of the cover mountain ranges. Shimla welcomes tourists around the year, if you don’t mind the ‘below zero’ temperature in winter.

  1. Chamba

The spectacular fantastic thing about Chamba has created this place pricey to nature lovers. Settled on the banks of Ravi and at an altitude of over 900 meters on top of water level, Chamba makes a superb vacation retreat. It’s very important pilgrim’s journey and historical destination with several important temples and forts.

  1. Dharamshala

Dharamshala has snowy mountains on 3 facets and depression on one side. The mountains being over 4000 m height, you’ll be able to have a superb read of them from each viewpoint. Pine trees and tree gardens together with snow lined mountains render magic to the air. It’s conjointly heavily occupied Tibetans refugees who have left an imprint of their culture here. It’s visited by tourists from everywhere the planet to urge a glimpse of Tibet and support the refugees.

  1. Dalhousie

Retaining not solely the colonial appearance however conjointly the name, Dalhousie, was named when Lord Dalhousie, who was the British governor within the nineteenth century. This hill station is unfolded across 5 hills. The variable altitudes of the land have a large vary of vegetation as well as pine, oak and Himalayan cedar.

  1. Kangra

Kangra is an ancient city that was supported by the Katoch family line that is that the oldest living Royal family line within the World. The city was attacked and ransacked by varied militant dynasties and empires until it eventually became a section of the British colonial decree India. The assorted temples and also the marvelous fort are few of the foremost attractions in the city.

  1. Kasauli

Kasauli is located at an altitude of 1927 meters and sort of a few different places in Himachal Pradesh, reflects the influence of colonial rule. The views from here are spectacular and this is often conjointly a standard health resort. It’s suggested to remain here for a day to explore the place properly.

  1. Hamirpur

Being within the lower elevation, Hamirpur is hotter. The altitudes vary from close to flat lands to higher levels of land that reach up to the heights of cliffs. The mountainous ranges here supply nice scope for trekking. The land is alleged to be the foremost literate district within the state of Himachal Pradesh.

  1. Parwanoo

Parwanoo, enclosed by hills is yet one lovelier hill station within the land. The town, enclosed by lush leaf, lies close to the border of Haryana and therefore, it’s a convenient location from wherever you’ll visit several holidaymaker attractions near.

  1. Solan

Solan, magnificently known as ‘The mushroom town of India’ and ‘City of Red Gold’ owing to its easy mushroom and tomato production may be a lovely town settled amidst scenic snowy mountains and forests. It’s known for several things — from its cuisines to its scenery, Sula bassana may visit place in Himachal Pradesh. It’s an excellent place for trekking and it’s heaven for people who like to feel identicalness with nature.

  1. Pragpur

At an altitude of 2000 feet, Pragpur, the primary heritage village in India, offers spectacular views of Kangra. Everything concerning Pragpur is interesting; natural beauty, made culture, historical importance, friendly climate, lovely leaf, easy accessibility and something you’d think about once you visit an area.

  1. Sirmaur

Sirmaur is found on the south-eastern a part of the state. The district is legendary for its peach that is from Rajgarh region, magnificently known as the Peach Bowl. Fossils aging eighty five million years are found here.

  1. Chail

Chail may be a known hill station in Himachal Pradesh that’s illustrious for several things. It had been supported within the year 1891 by maharajah Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. The pleasant atmosphere in summers and also the scenic views of Shimla, Sula bassana and Kasauli may also be seen from here. It’s conjointly the place wherever the best cricket ground is found and is visited by several cricket enthusiasts from everywhere the planet.

  1. Una

At an elevation of 1210 feet, the most well liked district within the state, Una, is said because the entryway to Himalaya Mountains. The land appears an exception in Himachal Pradesh, wherever most of the cities are within the mountainous region. If you propose to go to the place in summer, you wish to possess cotton garments to form your keep snug.

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