Top ten must Visit Places in Indonesia

Indonesia being numerous and wide with 17,000 islands, you will be sure to search out everything to your fancy but there are a number of must visit places here that you just ought to know about. After all, not everybody has the time to traverse the complete marvelous Indonesia.

Be it for leisure, shopping, culture, history, diving, trekking or nature, you’ll notice all those in places below of our top travel places in Indonesia.


The capital of Indonesia, everybody would inevitably realize themselves visiting Jakarta as their initial or last stop in Indonesia. Jakarta is additionally a very vital international airport hub for the whole Indonesia serving several airlines to everyplace within the world. Your visit here wouldn’t be complete while not obtaining absorbed into the hectic and engorged town. Once attuned you’d be ready to take on the rest of the country with ease. it’s several hidden treasures, nightlife and may be a shopping haven.

Personally, Yogyakarta is my favorite place to go to in Java, Indonesia. Is has everything from ancient attractions to looking to food and culture. Explore the most street and therefore the slim valleys in search of silversmiths, puppet manufacturers, street arts and food vendors, soaking within the culture, individuals and food of Indonesia as it has forever been.

Yogyakarta is a hub for historical and cultural Java, Indonesia, this is the most effective springboard for you to seek out the magnificent temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. tub within the remains of 2 great kingdoms of 2 different religion – Buddhism and Hinduism.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo
Do not miss out the majestic Mt Bromo at Bromo-Tengger-Semeru national park, with active and dormant volcanoes to settle on from. Standing tall at 2329m, it’s one amongst the foremost iconic mountain in Indonesia. you will ride a horse or catch or rent a car all the way to the highest and be in time to catch a sunrise. you’ll be rewarded with one amongst the foremost out-of-this-world view as the sun seems within the horizon over the blue misty volcanic craters. this is definitely one place {you should|you ought to|you should} put on your must visit list in Indonesia.

Lake Toba
Relax and unwind from the agitated of travels at Lake Toba, swim within the largest volcanic lake within the world on lazy afternoons and have an extended massage after then followed by a good meal to finish the day. With a quiet and serene beauty, it’s known for travelers as a place to simply unwind and whereas the time away, particularly after a tough core long backpacking or trekking. Lake Toba is one amongst the foremost visited lakes in Indonesia, which must mean something.


You must go there along with your open heart and mind despite after Eat, Love, Pray commercialization and hope to still get the glimpse of the important fantastic thing about it. despite what the sceptics say, Bali remains a must visit place for each tourists in Indonesia, and it remains therefore with filled with zest. After all, it’s still the place with Bali best beaches, misty treks across volcanoes, wonderful known temples like Uluwatu and Tanah lot and laidback coasts. in the dark you’ll even started out for a party or 2 on Kuta and other Bali night clubs.

A quieter shadow of Bali, this place is slowly turning into a preferred visit place in its own rights. individuals come here to escape the crowds and for the blue waters and green mountains. For the adventurous , a trek up Gunung Rinjani wouldn’t dissapoint or surf the great waves at coast. The nearby Gili Islands also are no strangers for the people that escape Bali.

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja
A highland and therefore the hottest destination in Southern Sulawesi, this cultural island in between mountains are merely distinctive. Engulf in its rich culture, ancient villages and interesting ceremonies that might wow even people who thought they have seen it all.

Baliem valley
Best place to explore the Papua area in Indonesia, you will notice tribes, that are still active rites and ceremonies from earlier period in places among cool air, misty purple mountains and buzz of human activities. Trek and explore the lands of Lani, Dani and Yali tribes during this remote Papua.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat
Known as one among the most effective diving destination in Indonesia and therefore the world, Raja Ampat is estimated to host over seventy fifth of world’s coral species with more than one thousand tropical fish species, several previously unknown.. it’s undoubtedly a diver’s paradise and for people who love marine life.

Komodo national park
This UNESCO World Heritage site in Indonesia have the foremost renowned Komodo dragon that is that the largest living lizard. you will even catch legions of flying foxes (large fruit bats) within the star-filled night sky.

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